FEATURES-Engine Instruments-Radar Overlay
FEATURES-Engine Instruments-Radar Overlay
January 20, 2017 04:24PM
Hello folks,

TOPIC: Features Including Engine Monitoring & Radar and Forward Sonar Overlay

I've spent a great deal of time researching and playing with various navigation software after using a plotter program that I was never happy with due to its difficulty and pain-in-the-neck setup. With that said, I believe like most, that since my PC is going to be my primary, Go To info source, it is important that I can have a Radar layer and ability to monitor twin screws.

Obviously, software is one part, and a multiplexer and sensors are needed to convert analog signals for the engine data, but can you give me an idea of when this type of feature will be available or if it is available now, and I just don't have a clue, please help me setup the ability to have my radar and forward sonar overlayed on my navigation screen and the ability to pull up an instrument box on each motor with the standard info such as Tach, Oil, Water etc.

For those of you using this software, I have found it superior to software coasting hundreds of dollars more. In fact the software which failed me is almost $400.00. I have not used names because it is not my position to bad mouth another manufacturer, but if this forum allows, send me a private message and I will provide my info on several navigation programs rated excellent which I found quite difficult to use and not very user friendly.

Good luck to the community and NICE JOB Polar Navy!drinking smiley

All my best,
Re: FEATURES-Engine Instruments-Radar Overlay
January 21, 2017 01:21PM
Thank you for the positive feedback.

Radar information protocols are, generally, proprietary and not openly available to software developers. At this time, no radar manufacturer was forthcoming with their radar data access.

Polar Navy Support
Re: FEATURES-Engine Instruments-Radar Overlay
January 21, 2017 05:08PM
Thank you Polar Navy for the response on the Radar. In my quest to find the perfect navigation software, I cam across other software that had that feature, but the software company never stated one needed a certain type of manufactured radar. In other words, it seemed that its software would allow an overlay of a third party's radar.

Let me ask, since it is not possible to have any company's radar with some generic overlay, the best I am able to do is connect the radar to my PC and display the radar on my monitor in a separate screen. If so, will your software allow a split screen? For example, can I have my screen show my navigation chart on the left side and a second window opened showing the Radar image on the right side of the screen?

Perhaps a dumb question, but do the companies that sell Radar systems have software which uploads the charts the same way I would use your software? Obviously, there must be some chart one looks at, otherwise the Radar image would not be as helpful since one could not see the identified issue's position on a chart?

Sorry to be so dumb, but I could never afford a radar package, but I think it is so useful that it no longer is a luxury item, but standard just like having a VHF radio. Perhaps not owning and operating radar is the result of my dumb questions, but it seemed to make sense to me to see my course with the ability to see the radar images on the same chart, but split screen would work too.

Lastly, what about instruments for the engines? It would be nice to have the ability to see the basic functions on a window that could be displayed or hidden on the chart; thus, eliminating my need to look at my analog gauges.

From what I understand, the Actsense Engine Monitor (EMU-1) has the ability to use the engine's sensors to provide the string of data that would go to the software. Will your software be able to accept this data and display the Tach and other gauges? If not, is this in development? If yes, can you give me a rough idea as to an ETA on a beta version?

I realize I am a powerboater, trawler user, but even a sailor will have a motor that needs to be monitored. After being out in snotty weather on a sailboat (yes, I was a windbag for years), there is nothing worse than being on an extreme angle to weather and trying to read my cockpit gauges. Having the gauges at the touch of a mouse click is almost a necessity in my opinion.

Basically, my wish list for the perfect software would be AIS identified vessels, engine instruments, and the ability to overlay non-grib weather forecast such as weather fax data. Does your software have this ability with the correct programming?

Lastly, when I attempted to pull up the Active Captain info on a POI, it gave me the very basic info rather than images and all the other data that is actually available for the POI. Am I doing something wrong? I would click on the POI, but the data was minimal and incomplete when I know that Active Captain has images on Ports, Marinas, fuel docks, etc. How does one pull that up when clicking on the Chart's POI?

I am sorry for the dumb questions, but honestly I really want to go with your software since I found it to be the BEST and easiest software I have tried. Ease of use is key, having more features does not make sense if the software is so damn complicated that you hate using it and curse everything about it. That is exactly the way I felt every time I used Coastal Explorer.

I realize it takes time for Support to answer my concerns, but I believe my concerns are important to others using your software or considering buying your software.


Re: FEATURES-Engine Instruments-Radar Overlay
January 24, 2017 12:29PM
- PolarView is a windowed application, as such you can resize it and place side by side with a window of another application displaying radar data.

- I am not familiar with radar manufacturer software and cannot comment on their feature availability.

- PolarView includes display of GRIB weather data. No other weather data sources are available.

- Our instruments do not currently include display of engine information.

- To see details for ActiveCaptain POI you would need to open "Chart Information Window" (through the View->Chart Information menu or by pressing Ctrl+I) and switch to "POI" tab. Detailed information for each POI is displayed there when POI is selected.

Polar Navy Support
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