Visit-My-Harbour - Grib Download
Visit-My-Harbour - Grib Download
March 11, 2017 07:07AM
Hi folks - i caught myself out with this old problem so i'm posting here just to let you know that I remembered the fix from the last time you helped me - If you use the raster charts from the USB chartstick from Visit My Harbour then it somehow prevents Polar Navy downloading Grib files - I deleted all the raster charts from Polar Navy and hey presto i can down load Grib files again - I have not used the charts on the locked USB since 2013 and had forgotten the issue until i reviewed the reminder of previous tickets you sent me - I have not tried newer chartsticks from Visit-My-Harbour so the problem may now be solved but i was given a workaround by Visit-My-Harbour at the time which is as follows

There is a workaround that will enable you to download and
use the Grib files.

Close Polar, remove chartstick. Start Polar, download Gribs, test. Close
Polar. You now have them stored in Polar.

Plug in chartstick, go through start up routine, then start Polar.

Using grib manager, you'll find the original download, click it and you can
use all of the sequences.
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