moving to a new computer - need help
moving to a new computer - need help
January 12, 2018 05:50PM
Old computer is on its death bed. Moving PolarNavy to new machine.
How do I transfer the license and settings to the new machine?
Elliott Alterman
Re: moving to a new computer - need help
January 12, 2018 09:42PM
== Profile data
If you have a backup of PolarView data profile directory, you can restore it to the new computer.
On Windows it is usually located under:
\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\PolarNavy
Note that "Roaming" component may not be present and some or all of this path may be "hidden". You may need to turn on option to "show hidden files and directories" to see it.

== Charts:
You can copy chart directory "as-is" from the original to the new computer. Make sure that directory path to the charts on the new system is the same as the previous one. Chart download directory is user selected. You can find it under Chart Manager -> Charts panel.

Note, that PolarView adds charts "in place", and does not maintain a separate copy of the charts. Any chart directories that were added to PolarView manually would need to be located and transferred by the user.

== Licensing:
PolarView 3.0 licensing has changed.

Please see the following article for additional information: []

If you have existing PolarView 2.0 installation, they should continue working. If your activation code has activations remaining, they can be used to activate additional copies of PolarView 2.0.

If you download and install PolarView version 3.0 you can:

1. Pay for the annual subscription to both use PolarView and built in chart download for 1 year. This includes both vector and raster charts of the US waters, as well as GRIB data.

2. Pay for the unlimited subscription to use PolarView without a time limit. As a courtesy, this option includes US chart and GRIB downloads for 1 year. With this option you would need to obtain and manage charts on your own after the initial year.

You can always download and use US free vector and raster charts directly from NOAA.

Polar Navy Support

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