Can't upgrade to version 3.xx
Can't upgrade to version 3.xx
February 10, 2018 04:06PM
Says I can update three times using the license code. When I try, message says that PN must restart. I agree and appears to try to do something, but all that happens is PN restarts, doesn't reboot the PC using windows 10, when I look at version, I'm still 2.0.7
Have rebooted manually and tried to update again, nothing happens. Please advise.
Re: Can't upgrade to version 3.xx
February 11, 2018 03:39PM
There are no automatic upgrades in PolarView.
If you want to use version 3.0 you need to download and install it. Note that once you upgrade to 3.0 you will need to obtain a new product license. See this previous thread for details: []

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