Mac OS X 64 bit architecture
Mac OS X 64 bit architecture
April 12, 2018 12:05AM
Apple has announced the imminent end of 32 bit architecture for apps on the latest version of Mac OS X.

What plans do you have to migrate to 64 bit?
Re: Mac OS X 64 bit architecture
April 12, 2018 01:59AM
As I understand it, Apple is discontinuing support for 32 bit applications in the Mac Appstore and adding warnings for the existing applications. It sounds like 32 bit applications that are available directly from developers are not imminently in danger.

Since making 64 bit version available provides no benefit to our product users, nor any additional features or improvements to the application (except, potentially, slight increase in memory requirements, which is a minor drawback), we expect to maintain 32 bit only product for as long as practical.

That said, if and when Apple will decide to completely stop supporting 32 bit applications, we will make a 64 bit version of PolarView available.

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