NOAA RNC charts
NOAA RNC charts
May 23, 2018 08:15PM
I have downloaded an RNC chart to my computer and when I try to install it on Polar Navy, the application can see it in my download directory, but when I hit the download button nothing happens. I am pretty new to polar navy so any enlightenment will be appreciated.

i stumbled into the correct way of doing this. If any other newbys need the answer I may be able to repeat it.

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Re: NOAA RNC charts
May 24, 2018 12:46AM
If you downloaded charts directly from NOAA, you do not need to use built-in PolarView download.
To add charts use option "Add Directory" in the charts panel of the Chart Manager.

Please keep in mind that PolarView adds charts "in place" - do not move or delete charts once they have been added to PolarView.

For further information please see PolarView user guide section 2.4.2

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