Feature Requests
Re: Feature Requests
February 08, 2014 11:15AM
Cubox support?
Re: Feature Requests - Units
February 12, 2014 09:42AM
It would be nice to have a choice of units that is nautical miles and metres as the sub-unit. This is a common enough requirement.

Kind regards

Paul Miller
Re: Feature Requests
February 23, 2014 12:01PM
Feature Requests:

1. Display the "DESTINATION" data for AIS targets

2. Allow an offset of the vessel's position while in Live Ship Mode so you can always have a Maximum View of what's ahead.

3. Link the Chart Colors and Instrument Colors so you can switch between day and night modes with one command rather than two.

4. Allow Arrival Notification parameters to be adjusted on a per Waypoint/Route-point basis rather than the same for all.

5. Have better access to Man Overboard activation. Having it only in one place, sometimes buried in the touch menu that takes three clicks to get to is not efficient. There should be an option to have a MOB button front and center all them time. In addition there should be a menu bar command for it and maybe a keyboard shortcut.
Re: Feature Requests
March 05, 2014 12:19PM
This is a great product and I want to add my voice to those thanking you for your tireless efforts to improve it.

It would be nice to have the capability to filter incoming NMEA sentences on a per-port basis. I have three ports connected and each of the three happens to be sending position reports. The report coming from the autopilot (which is providing heading information) happens to have the GLL coordinates truncated to two decimal places. The result is that the position and track "bounce" back and forth between actual and the nearby, truncated position. As the AP sends more frequent reports, the position is wrong more than right.

I am also getting position and heading reports from the AIS, buried in VDO sentences. That's probably harder to filter, but the AIS's GPS antenna is pretty close to the main GPS antenna and the position is full precision, so there is not as much "bounce".

For the time being I've just turned off the input side of the AP and I am getting the heading from the AIS, but that's not updated as frequently. I can see where turning off certain other sentences on a per-port basis would also be useful when there is duplicate information being received.


System tray icon
July 07, 2014 07:42AM
Since Polarcom and PolarNS are combined, I am missing the system tray icon in Windows. Frankly, I did like the separation between the PolarCom 'multiplexer' and PolarNS 'chart'.

I would like to have this icon back especially for selecting instruments. So the system tray menu should not necessarily be the same as it was on PolarCom. My suggestion:
* ship-live button
* select instruments
* port configuration

And I would even like to open PolarNS from the system tray menu. Minimizing PolarNS would bring it to the taskbar. Closing it using the top-left window button would remove it from the taskbar. You can bring it up using the system tray icon menu.

* PolarNS
* ship-live button
* select instruments
* port configuration

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July 07, 2014 08:29AM
I read all of the requests in this forum topic, and I like all of them. A lot of serious users that want to help improve Polarnavy. I notice that a lot of the request involve instruments, and I do understand that. The instruments are beautiful and you can place them wherever you want and in every combination you like. I have a separate USB monitor to show the instruments and I do like that above any repeater from B&G, Raymarine or whatever brand.

That's why I do hope that we can have more instruments in PolarNavy. Weather instruments, more options in analog/digital and perhaps motor instruments or battery monitors.

If I look at what has already been programmed, it seems to me that this is relatively easy to do. Although this will cost time researching, programming and testing. But perhaps we can be of any help as a Polarnavy community. Several users already have been doing a lot of research on NMEA sentences. Perhaps we can help working on the research. And we might be useful in doing tests. Please consider it. For most of the users sailing is a hobby, and it is nice spending time on your hobby.

Route Planning
July 29, 2014 09:38AM
Feature request;

Add a few more columns to the Route Manager to do some simple calculations, Segment time, Route time etc.. (based on a speed input)

If you wanted to get really fancy, speed per segment would help when there are long traverses through no-wake areas

Fuel burn, as a table, would also be a useful addition.

Auto Download
August 17, 2014 03:22AM
It would be great to have an option for Polar Navy auto download out-dated charts, similar to the way there's an option to have the App Store auto-update installed apps. Obviously it would need the ability to "switch off" for metered mobile data plans, etc. Having the ability for Polar Navy to automatically download the most current versions of installed charts whenever there's an internet connection would be amazing and a big time saver. It had been a while since I'd updated last and it took 48 minutes to d/l current versions because I don't check up on that very often.

Thanks for a great product. This has found it's way onboard and is now my primary navigation tool!
Re: Feature Requests
December 29, 2014 01:21AM
NMEA 2000 Output for Autopilot is key. Any updates on when this will be available? Thanks.
Re: Feature Requests
December 30, 2014 05:12PM
Currently I have no access to N2K autopilot equipment to test and/or tune this functionality.

Polar Navy Support
Re: Feature Requests
February 24, 2015 08:06AM
I'd love to have some better measuring/sketching aids for drawing temporary working lines on the chart to assist with setting waypoints.

Maybe I am missing something, but if I want to plan a route which passes no closer than say 1Nm to a number of headlands then at present I either have to use a number of quick routes to lay out offset distances from the headlands, or it is a laborious process of trial and modification...

What I have in mind is the ability to "draw" temporary rays (infinitely long lines) through two points and set down ranging circles of known radius from specified centre locations. I could then use these working lines to help me visually place my route waypoints.

Just what I'm finding I'm missing as I transition from paper...

Re: Feature Requests
February 24, 2015 08:00PM
Internet AIS like Marine Traffic and others are great for those of us that do not cruise alot. A nice feature would be to allow the input of data from one of these sites to display AIS on Polar view as opposed to the standard VHF input. Yes I do know that there can be considerable lag time on the internet AIS and that it should not be counted on in low visiability.

Re: Feature Requests
February 25, 2015 01:01AM
PolarView can accept AIS data over the network. To do so, you would need to configure a network port (likely TCP client) and point it at the source of AIS data.

That said, all Internet AIS data services I am aware of require subscription and/or payment. If you have access to such service - you should be able to use it with PolarView.

Polar Navy Support

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Automatic feature to check for updates
April 28, 2015 08:16PM
Hi, As a registered user, I'd like to request an enhancement feature that automatically checks for updates if you are connected to the internetevery time you start polarview and offers to either download or install the latest update.

opps.. I though this was going under the enhancement request topic.

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Re: Feature Requests - zoom out on detailed charts
March 18, 2016 07:32PM
Using the Corp of Engineer charts for inland rivers is almost impossible with Polar Navy as you can not zoom out and see a contigous row of charts for route planning. Either you can see the chart while zoomed way in, or you can't see anything but brown backgroud. Even the blue chart rectangles disappear while still zoomed in quite far. As the waterways are thousands of miles long, you cant even find the rivers - no lines, no citys nor states - nothing but brown. The only way to locate the water ways is to start in New Orleans, Mobile or Chicago, zoom way in for a Corp chart to appear, then follow the river a few miserable miles at a time, say to St. Louis, Nashville or somewhere else 500 miles away.

For naving, the GPS takes you to your boat position and you can move around on the chart from there. But for planning where you are going over the course of a few weeks, not so good.

There are a large group of 'Great Loop' folks running trawlers all around the country, and Polarview with its ability to use Active Captain, is/could be fantastic for us. Its worked great for the US - Florida to Chesapeake and all around for me - loved it! But heading down the inland rivers has me concerned that it wont be truly functional if I can't easily plan the coming weeks/days of the trip.

Solution 1: Enable a way to lock detailed vector charts to remain visible even when zoomed out, or to not dissappear if there is not a lower resolution chart that overlays them. (What is that brown mass that overlays/is the US?)
Solution 2: Create/locate a Polarview or custom inland chart that when you zoom out, appears and shows where the rivers and cities are. That actually would be quite nice.
Solution 3: Do not allow the chart outlines to dissappear as you zoom out. This would be a short term fix vs the ones above.
NOWRad real-time Radar Overlay
July 03, 2016 01:12PM
This feature would be great if possible. Similar to RayMarine's with Sirius Dopplar Radar feed.
open | download - NOWRad.png (282.6 KB)
Re: NOWRad real-time Radar Overlay
July 03, 2016 07:37PM
It is an interesting feature and something I've looked at in the past. However, the API to access the data is not public and not readily available to 3rd party developers.

Polar Navy Support
Make Active Route Editable
July 03, 2016 01:02PM
I've used PolarViewNS for over 5 years on a MacBook Pro. In my opinion, the Route feature is PolarView's major flaw and really needs a make-over. The Active route should be edible. WPTs should be able to be moved on the fly and new WPTS should be able to be INSERTED into or APPENDED to an Active route. A lock feature (within EDIT Waypoint), could be added so-as not to accidently move a WPT if the exact POS needs to be preserved.

Switching between Routes in Route Manager is so un-intuitive that I still find it hard to determine which route is active. I've used PolarView for 5 years. I just crossed the atlantic with it and Routes still baffle me. I am an Apple Developer and have to say that the Route Function in PolarView is your downfall. 9 out of 10 people who have tried PolarViewNS will not use it for this reason alone.

On the positive side - PolarView imports grib files directly from PredictWind.com and also imports PredictWind's GPX track and WPTS. This is truly a great feature.

Nobeltec has a nice interface and the route functions are great. Polar Navy should take a look at this and create an intuitive interface and I know it would be a fairly simple fix.

I have been a loyal user. A Route Make-Over would really make a big difference in bringing more users to PolarView.


Re: Make Active Route Editable
July 03, 2016 07:33PM
The active route (in red) is a copy of an actual original route. Because original route may be followed from an arbitrary point, active route is not an exact copy - it may skip several initial segments and include an additional initial segment connecting starting location to the route portion.

The original route remains available to edit at any time. Once edited, navigation can be restarted to follow the edited route.

Route functionality is based on specific design objectives. As with any product, whether they are suitable for intended use is an individual decision by each user.

Polar Navy Support
Re: Feature Requests
September 09, 2016 07:07PM
Admin - a wonderful feature would be RIO or really any radar image overlay, to apply as a second source of navigation.

Also, the ability to tie in depth sounding or depth readings into the Ship's Instruments display would provide a third source of nav.

Re: Feature Requests
February 13, 2017 02:47PM
Dear Admin,
I would appreciate that PolarView could read the c-map format.
Best regards
Re: Feature Requests
January 06, 2018 12:55PM
1) an "undo" function to reverse the last edit to a route or waypoint.
2) a simple way to detach a route point from a waypoint. Deleting a route point could work, but it doesn't seem to work always.
Re: Feature Requests
January 06, 2018 01:18PM
- Pressing ESC button should undo any in-progress move of a routepoint or waypoint (unless it has already been finalized in the new location)
- Deleting route point attached to the waypoint is the way to disconnect route from the waypoint. If you find conditions under which this does not work - please post a bug report and we'll work on fixing it.

Polar Navy Support
Re: Feature Requests
November 12, 2018 08:28PM
It would be great if a user could toggle AIS Ship List off using a keystroke combination. Right now, you can bring up the AIS Ship List with [Ctrl-S] but cannot toggle it off (have to use the pointing device). It's a PITA to have to grab the mouse to close it. Frequently, you want to check the list for a second or two and then turn it off so it doesn't clutter the screen.
Re: Feature Requests
November 13, 2018 01:02AM
You should be able to close any PolarView sub-window with a Ctrl-W (or Cmd-W on a Mac) key combination.

rmcleran Wrote:
> It would be great if a user could toggle AIS Ship
> List off using a keystroke combination. Right now,
> you can bring up the AIS Ship List with [Ctrl-S]
> but cannot toggle it off (have to use the pointing
> device). It's a PITA to have to grab the mouse to
> close it. Frequently, you want to check the list
> for a second or two and then turn it off so it
> doesn't clutter the screen.

Polar Navy Support
Printing Feature Request...
April 22, 2019 06:11PM
I know printing is so 1990's but it would be great to be able to print sections of a NOAA chart with the latitude/longitude scale around the whole border of the page. This would be amazing for practicing plotting by hand, DR skills, trip planning, etc.

I'm thinking something like this (fyi-this is just a copy/pasted example)
open | download - ChartExample.png (585.7 KB)
Re: Feature Requests
April 22, 2019 07:45PM
PolarView allows you to export current chart view as a PDF. That PDF file will have lat/lon grid overlaid on the chart. You can then print the PDF or otherwise export it as necessary.

Polar Navy Support
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