Downloading and using POI
Downloading and using POI
April 17, 2012 03:35PM
PolarView currently integrates ( Point Of Interest (POI) data. This data can be downloaded and stored in PolarView for offline use. Previously, PolarView integrated ActiveCaptain POI download, which has been discontinued. POI access does not require a separate login or registration. Access to POI is included in every subscription to use PolarView. Before access ensure that you are using PolarView version 3.0.6 or above.

Update POI datase
- In the main POI window source drop-down list (on top left) select Press Update button on bottom right to update POI data. You should see a progress dialog appear and show progress of POI download.

INFO You should periodically re-visit POI window and update POI by pressing Update button.

See POI on a chart
Once POI are downloaded they will be visible on a chart as icons denoting different types of entities.

INFO To improve screen visibility and reduce clutter, POI icons become visible when a "zoom level" is low enough (scale large enough) to keep POI icons from obstructing the chart. The specific scale depends on location, but generally being at 1:200000 or below should be sufficient to make POI visible.

View POI information
- Open Chart Information window by using menu File:Chart Information, or by pressing Ctrl + I (Windows) or Cmd + I (Mac).

- Switch to POI tab in Chart Information window and leave it open.

- Click on any POI icon on a chart to activate it. You will see a small label next to the icon with short description. You will also see complete information about this POI displayed in the Chart Information: POI tab.

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