Using touch screen buttons to edit routes and waypoints
Using touch screen buttons to edit routes and waypoints
April 17, 2012 09:32PM
PolarView includes a custom touch-screen friendly UI for use on touchscreen netbooks, slate computers and tablets. The UI provides access to most important planning and navigation functionality. This article describes some of the core concepts of using the touch UI.

INFO Before you begin using the touch UI, visit PolarView Preferences: System tab and check option Touch-screen control to enable touch-screen specific UI behavior.

When Touch-screen control is enabled, the following UI behavior is modified:

- Double click is needed instead of a single click to create and edit route and waypoints. This prevents accidental edits of routes and waypoints when panning/moving a chart.
- Hit (activation) areas around chart objects and icons are made larger to accommodate finger touch.
- Double-click time is extended and less precision is required to perform a double-click.

- To open Touch UI buttons, press Cycle icon on the top right of main view. This will open a first set of on-screen buttons that control route and waypoint management.

Route and waypoint control touch buttons

- Press WPT button to enter waypoint edit mode.
- Double-click/tap on a chart to place a new waypoint. The new waypoint is created stationary and has a single lighted bezel, indicating that it is selected but not moveable.
- Double-tap on a waypoint again. This will pick it up and make moveable. The waypoint will be highlighted to indicate that you can move it.
- Double-tap again to place waypoint in a new location.
- To delete waypoint that is selected or moving, tap DEL on-screen button.
- If you move waypoint by accident, tap ESC on-screen button to restore it to previous location.
- Press WPT button again to end waypoint editing mode.

Types of waypoints

- Press RT button to enter route editing mode.
- Double tap on a chart to begin a route. One stationary route point will be placed at location which you tapped. Another point will be in a moving state, indicated by a round bezel with "target" marks around the point.
- Move point around the chart by touching (single tap) chart locations. Bearing and distance to that location will be displayed in a floating box next to the route point.
- To finalize moving a route point and place it on a chart, double-tap on a location. The point will change to stationary/selected, as indicated by a lighted bezel around it.
- Double-tap again to create another moving route point. Repeat steps above to create and place more points.
- You can pick up existing route point by double-clicking it.
- You can create a new route point in the middle of route leg by double-clicking on that route leg.
- To delete a route point, pick it up by double-tapping, then click DEL on-screen button. Point can be deleted either when moving or when stationary/selected
- If you move route point by accident, tap ESC on-screen button to restore it to previous location.
- To clear the current route, press Crossed out RT button. If you were editing one of default quick routes, it will be erased. Other routes will be cleared off the screen but remain available for later use.
- Press RT button again to end route editing mode.

Types of route points

See our product introduction video for a demonstration of touch UI use.

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