New product licensing
New product licensing
May 28, 2016 08:19PM
PolarView NS version 3.0 and above is using a new licensing scheme.

– PolarView NS product use, as well as access to online services, including chart downloads, GRIB downloads and POI (ActiveCaptain) update require a Polar Navy account and a fee to access.

New users can register for an online account by following this link:
New users receive a 30 day trial subscription for PolarView NS and online data services.

INFOUsers who have previously purchased PolarView NS activation code - an account has been created for you already, using an email address that was used for the original order. To activate this account, from the login page follow link for login and password help (or follow directly from here: and select "Missing activation email" option, to activate account and set a new password.

WARNING If you no longer have access to the original email used for the order, please submit a support ticket to update account record.

INFO Users who purchased PolarView NS product activation code, receive complimentary subscription to PolarView NS, US charts, GRIB and POI downloads for 3 years from the date of original order, or until August 31, 2017, whichever comes last.

INFO Users who purchased access to UK & Ireland chart downloads, will continue to receive 1 year of access to these downloads from the time of original order, and will also receive complimentary PolarView NS subscription until the same expiration date.

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