How to install and activate BSBv4 charts?
How to install and activate BSBv4 charts?
April 17, 2012 09:56PM
This article describes how to use BSBv4 charts in PolarView. Please read it and carefully follow instructions to install BSBv4 charts.

BSBv4 charts are encrypted raster charts, currently produced primarily by Canadian Hydrographic Service. Users can order these charts from a number of re-sellers. BSBv4 charts are supplied on a CD along with Product ID (alternatively known as Registration ID). The Product ID is a string of a form: XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXXXX. It identifies the specific set of charts on that CD.

Each BSBv4 CD is supplied with installation instructions and installation program for Windows. There is also an existing process to install BSBv4 charts on a Mac using registration program supplied by GPSNavX. PolarView supports external registrations made using either of these methods. PolarView also provides an internal BSBv4 registration as an alternative for Windows and Mac users. Linux users must use internal PolarView BSBv4 registration.

To complete installation of BSBv4 charts in PolarView, your specific computer must be authorized by chart issuer. Your computer is identified by a value known as Machine ID (or, alternatively, Installation ID). That value is a unique identifier that is specific to your computer.

INFO This identifier will be the same for any software that uses BSBv4 charts on your computer. BSBv4 charts installed with PolarView will be available in other products on the same computer.

To authorize charts on your specific computer, you need a BSBv4 Activation Code (not to be confused with PolarView's own Activation Code). If your computer is connected to the Internet, you can get this code directly in PolarView. If your computer is not connected to the Internet, or online activation does not work for any reason, you can get this code by visiting a registration web site or calling registration phone number. See below for details of both methods.

Existing BSBv4 users
If you have BSBv4 charts installed on your Windows or Mac, there is no need to perform any additional installation or registration in PolarView. You can add these charts as any other charts. PolarView will apply necessary certificates automatically.

To add these charts:
- Open Chart Manager by using menu File:Chart Manager or keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O (Windows) or Cmd + O (Mac)
- Press Add Directory button
- Navigate to directory where you have installed BSBv4 charts. This is normally C:\ChartKit\BSBChart on Windows or $HOME\Charts on a Mac.
- Select this directory and press OK.
PolarView will import any existing BSBv4 chart certificates and add installed BSBv4 charts.

WARNING BSBv4 charts must be properly installed on your system for this method to work. Simply copying charts from the CD to your hard drive does not install them. You will not be able to add these charts to PolarView without installing them first.

New BSBv4 users
If you have a new CD with BSBv4 charts, you have two options. You can install these charts by following standard BSBv4 installation process for Windows, as outlined in your BSBv4 CD documentation. That process is outside the scope of this document - contact your CD issuer for details.

You can also use PolarView built in BSBv4 installer to install these charts.

Step 1
- Open Chart Manager and press button Manage Protected Charts
- Permit Manager window will open. In that window press Install BSB4 CD button.
- A window titled Install BSB4 CDROM will appear.

- Press Select button next to Source CD Path field. Navigate to your BSBv4 CDROM and press OK.
- Optionally, press Select button next to Install To field and select desired destination directory to install charts. It is recommended that you do not change this value.
- Copy and paste the Product ID into the Product ID field.

Step 2
At this point you have a choice between online and off-line activation. During online activation, you will fill in your data and get BSBv4 Activation Code directly in PolarView. During off-line activation, you must visit an external web site or call a phone number to obtain your BSBv4 Activation Code.

Step 2, Option 1 - Online Activation
If you plan to use online registration, carefully fill in all personal details in provided fields.
WARNING Make sure your email address is correct.

- Once you have entered personal details, press Get Activation Code button.
If details are entered correctly, and registration works - you will see a string appear in the Activation Code field. With this string in place, you are ready to install BSBv4 charts.

Online activation sample

Step 2, Option 2 - Offline Activation
If your computer is not connected to the Internet or you experience any problems getting BSBv4 Activation Code by using the method above, you can switch to the off-line activation method.

Select Activate Offline from the drop-down box.

You will be presented with a set of instructions, listing web sites to visit or phone numbers to call to complete your registration.

WARNING IMPORTANT: you will need to have your Product ID and your Machine ID (Installation ID) available for the off-line registration process.

Once you complete off-line registration, you should receive a BSBv4 Activation Code. Copy this code into Activation Code field and you are ready to install BSBv4 charts.

Off-line installation sample

Step 3
Once you have obtained BSBv4 Activation Code, you are ready to install BSBv4 charts.
- Press Install button
- PolarView will copy all BSBv4 charts from source CDROM into destination directory and add them to the chart view.

At this point BSBv4 installation will be complete and BSBv4 charts will be available for use in PolarView.

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