Downloading charts from PolarView
Downloading charts from PolarView
April 17, 2012 02:59PM
PolarView users can use built-in online download of United States charts (NOAA and USACE vector and raster charts), as well as United Kingdom & Ireland charts (in vector format). Chart downloads require Polar Navy account and a subscription fee.

Follow these steps:

Step 1
- Open Download window by using menu File:Chart Download or keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D (Windows) or Cmd + D (Mac)

- In the download control press Select button to use on-screen selector. You may see mouse pointer change to a "cross-hair", though this change depends on your computer settings..

- Back in the main chart window, you can now select an area of interest. To begin selection, click on a chart once. This will place one corner of a selection area. You should see a yellow selection box appear.

- Move mouse around to resize selection box. When you have selected appropriate area, click again to finalize area selection.

Step 2
- In Download window press Find Charts button. The Chart Manager window will open on Chart Download tab. On the top left of this window you can select Chart Source from the drop down box. Available sources include free NOAA vector and raster charts, USACE vector charts and Polar Navy sourced charts covering United Kingdom & Ireland.

As you change a Chart Source you will be presented with a list of charts available for the selected area from this source.

- Free NOAA and USACE charts can be downloaded immediately.
- Polar Navy sourced charts of United Kingdom can be downloaded immediately, after you activate PolarView with activation code that includes chart purchase

Step 3
- Select charts from the presented list by clicking on each chart entry, or using Shift + click to select multiple charts.

- Once you have made your selection, press Download button to download selected charts.

- If this is a first time you are using chart download, you will need to select a Download directory by pressing a Change button next to Download Directory text box.
This is a directory where all downloaded charts will be saved. Select any directory you like, or make a new one. Make sure this directory is writable and has sufficient disk space for charts to be saved.

- After you press Download, a progress bar will appear and indicate progress of chart download. When finished, charts will be downloaded and installed, and become visible in the main chart view.

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